Our program for 2020


So for now we will not be able to plan any program.  We are looking forward for the schools opening again and hope that this is not in the far future. We place all the uncertainties of the time, the fear and the panic into God's hands and trust that HE will guide us through these times. May HE keep us all healthy and safe.

..... And what else is lying ahead?


Hopefully this side of the page will also be filled with info again soon - until now, we do not know when that will be. The teachers are back at school, we are getting everything tidied & sorted. We are planning to do some training for especially the preschool teachers and assistants. 



If you would like to donate towards our school please

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Note that we use the Loving Thy Neighbour platform for donations!

We thank you in advance!


Über Ihre Spende aus Deutschland bzw. dem SEPA-Raum  freuen wir uns natürlich ebenfalls sehr. Eine solche ist über den Förderverein für Vorschulen & Schulen in Südafrika e.V. (http://www.hilfe-verbindet.de) möglich.


Should you wish to donate from Europe (SEPA countries) you may wish to do this via the Förderverein für Vorschulen & Schulen in Südafrika e.V. (http://www.hilfe-verbindet.de)